Praxis Exam Prep: Physics Content Knowledge-5265 by Dr. Sithy H Maharoof

Praxis Exam Prep: Physics Content Knowledge-5265

Book Title: Praxis Exam Prep: Physics Content Knowledge-5265

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1548692719

Author: Dr. Sithy H Maharoof

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Dr. Sithy H Maharoof with Praxis Exam Prep: Physics Content Knowledge-5265

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The Revised 2018 Edition has a new title, Praxis® Exam Prep-Physics Content Knowledge (5265). This new title includes two full-length practice exams with a total of 250 fully-researched, original questions based on the author’s experience with the Physics Subject Assessment as well as the Physics Subject Assessment content category specifications curated by the ETS®, the Educational Testing Service. The tests in this book are carefully designed to help with the standardized Physics: Content Knowledge (5265) test offered by the ETS®. The tests include roughly about 32% of Mechanics, 19% of Electricity and Magnetism, 13% of Optics and Waves, 12% of Heat and Thermodynamics, 12% of Modern Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Structure, and 12% of Scientific Inquiry, Process, and Social Perspectives. The book also comes with detailed, step-by-step solutions along with clear, labeled diagrams to help with further explaining the solutions. The book includes a section providing test preparation guides and time management strategies for successfully passing the Physics: Content Knowledge Test. The book does not include a study guide. Prospective test takers are encouraged to visit the book’s companion website for useful help with study topics.